We trust our vehicles to be safe to drive and to have been manufactured to protect both the driver and passengers. Unfortunately, too many cars, SUVs, and pick up trucks are manufactured with faulty, defective, or dangerous parts or safety systems, posing a serious danger. These parts and systems may have been installed in the vehicle during production or afterwards, such as changing tires. There have been many vehicle recalls in recent years, with the GM recall regarding a dangerous ignition switch the most recent that has been in the media.

Recalls are issued by the NHTSA for automobile design defects, faulty, or dangerous car parts, or when a post market auto part or system is found to pose a danger to public health. Consumers are protected under the U.S. Code for Motor Vehicle Safety, a federal law. This law protects consumers from “unreasonable risk of accidents occurring because of the design, construction or performance of a motor vehicle, and against unreasonable risk of death or injury in an accident.” The defects covered by this law include defects in the performance of the vehicle, construction, any vehicle component, or material in the vehicle.

Cases of Vehicle Defects, Faulty Auto Parts, Design Flaws, and Manufacturing Defects

A defective or faulty party or system can be a single occurrence, or it may affect millions of vehicles of a certain make, model, and year. Airbags may fail to deploy, electronic components can fail or tires may sudden blow out due to a manufacturing flaw.

Thousands of components in any vehicle, and these components are often separately manufactured by companies either in the USA and often overseas and then installed in the vehicle during production. Since 1966, approximately 390 million vehicles have been recalled to repair safety defects. The most recent recall affected millions of vehicles produced by GM.

Minimum performance standards are set by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. These standards include performance of brakes, tires, lighting, and components that protect drivers or passengers such as airbags, seat belts, child restraints, steering columns, and other components. The standards are applicable to every vehicle that is manufactured or imported for sale in the USA.

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When a case involves a serious or fatal accident in which an auto system or part failed, several liable parties may be identified. A full investigation into the facts should be undertaken immediately by a professional independent investigator. Critical evidence must be preserved so it can be evaluated.

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