Car Accident Lawyer in Milwaukee for Head On Collisions

Causes of Head On Accidents

shutterstock_118029604There are various causes for head on accidents, but sadly, these collisions were often preventable had the vehicle operator exercised reasonable care for the safety of others.

Bad decisions, such as driving under the influence, driving too fast for road conditions (such as water, snow or ice), or distracted driving (such as eating, talking, texting, emailing, or other activities) have been on the increase. What happened in your case?

Types of Injuries in Head On Accidents

head-on-accidents1The serious personal injuries that may result from head on accidents include brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, severe lacerations with permanent scarring, serious muscular injuries, internal injuries to the spleen, kidney, and other organs.

Wisconsin Car Accident Statistics

A shocking number of head on accidents occur in Wisconsin. Many of these collisions are caused by drunk driving, speeding, or distracted driving. Drivers who take risks put all others sharing the road at high risk of injuries or death. The crash statistics in our state for 2013, as provided by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, are as follows:



491 fatal crashes


30,094 crash related injuries


82,547 property damages


4,954 alcohol related

Car Accident Lawyer Serving Milwaukee, Kenosha, Madison, Racine, and Waukesha

head-on-accidents3At Gruber Law Offices, our goal is to help the injured to pursue justice and recover the maximum possible in compensation.

We have 16 lawyers and 80 support staff, and the capacity to fully investigate the facts and develop a compelling case. We are aggressive and press hard to force the insurance company to pay you fair compensation.

We are experienced in our practice areas and are ready to help you immediately. We don’t charge legal fees unless we win and we can come to you in the hospital or at home if necessary. Call today.

rear-end-collision4Head on collisions are often the result of a distracted driver drifting out of lanes, wet and slippery pavement, or drunk driving. If you or a loved one was injured by a negligent driver, that person must be held accountable for what happened.

Compensation: What Are The Potential Damages?

There are several types of damages you can experience from a head on collision, and the amount of compensation you are eligible to receive is based upon the degree of the injuries and the impact the injuries will have on your life in the future.

Economic Damages

rear-end-collision5These are the actual costs you incurred, including ambulance bills, hospital bills, doctor bills, rehabilitation, lost income, and estimated future financial losses.

Non-Economic Damages


This form of compensation reflects the personal effect that the injuries have had upon you, including pain and suffering, loss of quality of life, and other similar damages.

A negligent driver who injured you or a loved one must be held accountable, and one way to seek justice is to demand the maximum possible in compensation.

rear-end-collision6At Gruber Law Offices we know how insurance companies work and our Milwaukee car accident attorneys are prepared to take action and fight to get you a fair settlement. If the insurance company is unreasonable we aren’t afraid to proceed to civil court. Call us now so we can get started on your case today.


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