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Wisconsin Car Accident Statistics for Side Impact Crashes

side-impact-collision1The statistics regarding drivers who speed through intersections or run red lights or stop signs reveal that a shocking number of drivers violate the law when operating a vehicle.

Look over the statistics from 2012 related to accidents in intersections and always be careful when crossing an intersection, particularly when the light has just changed, or during the evening hours injuredand weekends when there is a higher risk of drunk drivers being present:


254 deaths by motor vehicle in transit


26,545 number of injured persons by motor vehicle in transit


4.153 hit and run crashes in intersections


142 fatal intersection collisions


13,918 injury crashes in intersections


Types of Injuries in Side Impact Accidents

The injuries sustained by a driver or passenger can be extremely grave and the statistics indicate that many die in these collisions. Others suffer catastrophic injuries and will never again enjoy the quality of life they had prior to the accident. Common injuries sustained in side impact crashes include the following:

  • Permanent brain injuries
  • Brain injuries requiring long term treatment and care
  • Severe lacerations leading to permanent scars
  • Spinal cord injuries, paraplegia, quadriplegia
  • Fractures
  • Amputations
  • Muscular injuries

Causes of Side Impact Accidents

side-impact-collision3Drivers who are operating a vehicle drunk are far more likely to make bad decisions, such as driving too fast, or speeding through red lights or stop signs, or merging into traffic unsafely.

Throughout Wisconsin, there is an exceptionally high risk of being hit by a drunk driver and Madison ranks as America’s 9th highest city for DUI arrests – a real reason for concern if you live, work, or drive in the area. Att

rear-end-collision4Drivers who speed, exceeding the speed limit or a safe speed for icy or snowy conditions, also contribute to the high numbers, as well as those who are simply distracted, either by activities within the vehicle, the use of a cell phone, or are simply not paying attention.

Compensation: What are the Potential Damages?

Every case is valued individually and our legal team can advise you of the potential value of your case by reviewing the facts.

rear-end-collision5There are various calculations to determine how much your case is worth, including the costs of medical care you incurred and all other financial losses, including any loss of income from work, both currently and estimated for the future. All costs incurred must be valued carefully so that you recover all of your losses.

rear-end-collision2Other damages that will be aggressively pursued by our firm include pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and others. Families who have lost a loved one can pursue a wrongful death claim that will also involve careful and complete calculations of damages.

Contact our firm today for immediate assistance if you or your loved one was injured in a side impact crash. Our car accident attorneys have the skills and experience that extend far beyond the ordinary and we genuinely care about each person we represent. Call now.


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