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An attorney from our  office will surely have the knowledge and experience to fight against any insurance company that tries to get the in way of your compensation. Even though some  cases are not as extensive as others, they are all very important to us. Even if your damages are minor, you have the right to seek monetary compensation for your hospital bills and therapy. Don’t try going through this alone or settle for less than you deserve.  Your case is safe in the hands of a attorney from our firm.  Get a  attorney on your side fast by calling 414-973-1060 before the statute of limitations on your case runs out!


A Milwaukee Lawyer Can Help


Personal Injury in WI

Our Lawyers Can Handle Them All!

There are so many different types of  cases that an attorney can assist you with. You can find out more about what we handle by calling a lawyer today. Below is a short list of personal injuries that many of our clients have been helped with.

  • Wrongful Death
  • Car, Truck, and Other Vehicle Crashes
  • Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse
  • Dog and Other Animal Bites
  • Premises Liability or Slip and Falls
  • Many others!

Mediation As A Resolution

milwaukee personal injury lawyer-1In recent years, mediation has been used to resolved more and more claims. Mediation takes place in front of an independent attorney who is agreed upon by all parties, in order to resolve the case as quickly as possible. This has become one of the most widely used ways of resolving a cases before going to trial, which typically involves personal injury or wrongful death claims. Mediation is the most effective way of pursuing these claims which can be some of the most expensive and difficult to litigate in front of a jury. When done correctly, mediation can end a claim with no further cost to the client, but if it fails then the injured party may proceed with trial with no penalty. Mediation could save an injured person a lot of money in court-related expenses.

You can live stress-free knowing that  the experienced lawyer team of Gruber Law Offices will assist you every step of the way. There are also no fees unless we win!

If you have been injured in any sort of  accident, make sure to get medical attention first and afterwards call Gruber Law Offices. A  attorney will make sure to give you the best legal advice that meet your needs, and that relieve expensive medical costs, loss of job and income, and aggressive insurance companies. Call our  location at 414-973-1060 right now!


Accident to the Neck, Back or Spinal Cord

Common Problems With These Areas

Before you take any other action, be sure to always speak with a medical professional after you are injured  to ensure your safety. Listed below are what might result from neck or back damage:

Neck Issues:

  • Whiplash
  • Herniated Disc
  • Neck Fracture
  • Cervical Dislocation
  • Spinal Cord Damage

Back Issues:

  • Flexion Fracture
  • Compression Fracture
  • Axial Burst Fracture
  • Dislocation
  • Transverse Process Fracture
  • Spinal Cord Damage

All of this can lead to extreme pain, reduced range of motion, lack of feeling, paralysis and even death. It is important to keep in mind that any kind of back or neck problems are serious, even if you don’t feel the full negative effect immediately. Whether it happens here or anywhere else, they are to be taken seriously. These damages may be with you for the rest of your life and adversely affect your daily living.


Get an Attorney for a Neck Issues

Neck harm is often common in individuals who have been in a motor vehicle or car accident. Pain in the shoulders, head or the base of the skull after a car accident is often called “whiplash”. It is often due to a traumatic event in which the head moves suddenly in one direction and then recoils in the other direction. The most common cause is a car accident in which one vehicle is struck from behind by another vehicle but it can also occur when a car stops quickly from striking an object (pole or wall) and can happen from a side impact of a car.

Common Symptoms Associated with Whiplash:

  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Ringing in Ears
  • Heaviness in Arms
  • Low Back Pain
  • Poor Concentration or memory
  • Change in Emotions or Easily Irritable
  • Depression or Short Temper
  • Problems Sleeping

milwaukee personal injury lawyer-2 Only a doctor can diagnose the severity and treatment of your  harm. If you have been hurt in an accident, seek medical attention immediately.

If you suffer from harm, it may result in life-long debilitating harm and become chronic. Your harm can be especially problematic as  to one part of the neck can often result in damages to other areas of the spinal cord since the bones, joints, soft tissue and nerves are closely connected. While your harm may be limited to soft tissue, your muscles may also be affected. For example, whiplash can also include muscle strain, ligament sprain, and/or disc damage.

In people with whiplash, only 70% have completely recovered after one year and only 82% have completely recovered after two years. In addition to pain, there may be additional whiplash symptoms such as problems sleeping, poor concentration and memory, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, fatigue and weakness.

Neck and back problems are often considered the most debilitating and life-changing types because they can result in paralysis and death. Even comparatively minor back or neck damages can lead to a life of pain and years of expensive medical bills. This is why you need an experienced  lawyer to get as much compensation as possible. Call now for a free consultation with an experienced lawyer – 1-888-855-9069 or 414-973-1060. “ONE CALL… THAT’S ALL!”


Contact Us for an Injuries to the Back

milwaukee personal injury lawyer-3 Back harm is common for many people after an accident. These damages can lead to pain and limited movement. In some severe cases, back problems may impair a person for life. Seek medical attention immediately if you have suffered from harm to your back. A doctor will best be able to diagnose you and prescribe treatment.

While some back harm may be treated with physical therapy or surgery, there is usually no quick fix for back harm. Pain can be moderated through medication and continual treatment but it may take months or even years for a person to regain a normal lifestyle, if they do at all. Regular activities such as working, spending time with loved ones or physical exertion can become difficult after your back is hurt. All back harm has a major impact on a person’s daily life, such as gardening, cleaning, walking, or even driving a car.

Common Back Problems Include:

  • Sprains and Strains
  • Herniated Disks
  • Fracture Vertebrae


Get Help for Harm to the Spinal Cord

Spinal cord damage often occurs with a sudden, traumatic blow to the spine that bruises, fractures or dislocates the spine. Most injuries do not completely sever the spinal cord but can cause fractures and compression of the vertebrae. Some of these completely resolve, while others can result in loss of functioning, pain, nerve damage, bowel or bladder problems, skin problems and/or paralysis.

There are approximately 11,000 spinal cord injuries that happen each year. Motor vehicle crashes and traffic accidents are the leading causes of spinal cord injuries for people under 65 years old.

Common Causes of Spinal Problems:

  • Car Accidents
  • Violent Attacks
  • Sports Injuries
  • Disease

Damage to a person’s spinal cord can impact their life forever. The injured person may lose mobility or feeling, temporarily or permanently. They may not be able to continue their normal lifestyle, such as working, playing with their children or participating in physical activities. Obstacles that a person may encounter after a spinal issues include relearning basic skills, coping and living independently. If the problem occurs to a young child or person who is unable to care for him or herself, loved ones may need training in assisting with their new lifestyle, or even the help of a qualified caregiver.


Blows to the Head or Brain? Get an Attorney!

milwaukee personal injury lawyer-4Any type of blow to head can result in serious, permanent life-changing effects to the victim. The most severe types of injuries, referred to as traumatic head and brain injuries (THBI), can rob individuals of their personalities and even result in death.

A patient with subtle brain damage can experience a traumatically-induced physiological disruption of brain function, as exhibited by at least one of the following symptoms:

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Loss of memory immediately before or after the mishap
  • Any change in mental state at the time of occurrence (i.e., feeling dazed, disoriented or confused)
  • Focal neurological deficit that may or may not be temporary

Severe Head or Brain Damage

If a victim is fortunate, they will survive through damages done to the head or brain. Even then, the process of recovery is hard and long. There may be effects that you didn’t expect, but are just as detrimental to your life as the mishap itself. These damages include post-traumatic amnesia, temporary loss of consciousness, personality changes, coma, or other very serious circumstances.

Injuries caused from a blow to the head or brain can be severe, however come in many forms. A lawyer from our firm understands that it’s not only about the physical pain. There are some that a bandage can’t heal, such as medical bills, long term life expenses, steady income, or general enjoyment of life. A lawyer from our  firm is waiting to do everything they can to help you regain all of that.

Lawyer for Burn or Explosion Victims

A Lawyer Can Help Your Burn Damages

A burn is caused by exposure to heat, flame, electricity, chemicals, or friction. Burns can happen to anyone at any time and can require specialized treatment at a hospital burn unit which can lead to costly medical bills. Burns can also cause permanent scarring or disfigurement, as well as life-threatening infections.

Types of Burns:

  • First Degree Burns
    • Damage to the outer layer of skin or the epidermis causing pain, redness, and swelling.
  • Second Degree Burns
    • Damage to both outer layer of skin and underlying tissues layers or the epidermis and dermis causing pain, redness, swelling, and blistering affecting sweat glands and hair follicles.
  • Third Degree Burns
    • Damage to deeper tissue layers including the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis causing extensive tissue destruction or charring of the skin resulting in numbness and severe permanent scarring.
  • Fourth Degree Burns
    • The most serious of burns entail damage to all layers of the skin including structures below the skin causing destruction to nerve endings and requiring surgery or skin grafting.

An Attorney Can Help Your Explosion Damages

milwaukee perosnal injury lawyer-5 Accidents involving explosions are very dangerous and can occur anywhere, from commercial and industrial workplaces, vehicles, and the home. According to the Centers of Disease and Control, “An explosion or blast can wreak havoc; producing numerous casualties with complex, technically challenging injuries not commonly seen…” In the aftermath of an explosion, it is important that you are aware of the possible life-threatening consequences. You will need guidance from a skilled  lawyer from our team.

Common types of explosion injuries:

  • Blunt Trauma
  • Eye Problems
  • Abdominal Pain
  • Burns
  • Brain and Head Jolts


Explosion damages can be uniquely devastating. The distress from an explosion can alter your life tremendously. The harm you suffer could deprive you of your independence, mobility, working, and experiencing some of life’s most momentous occasions to the fullest. It is precisely for these reasons that a skilled personal injury lawyer at our offices can help you or your loved one receive compensation for the damages received in an explosion.


Need an Personal Injury Attorney?

milwaukee personal injury lawyer-6Call our firm right away. If you have been injured through no fault of your own, you need an experienced attorney who will get you the help and money you deserve. Sometimes injuries are not felt immediately after an accident, so it is important to not sight anything before you consult a lawyer. Still, even if you have signed it may not be too late for you to call and get a free case evaluation today.

Filling a claim can involve a lot of paperwork and hassle. This is where having a trusted personal injury lawyer comes in handy, because you know they will get the job done right! Our experience helps you get back in your daily routine. You will be able to rest up and focus on getting better instead of hassling with insurance companies. If you are hurt through no fault of your own, you may have to miss work, but your medical bills will continue to grow. Don’t go through these tough times alone-we will help you find financial recovery.

Some harm is minor and will not take long to recover from, but others can devastating. These injuries may require a lifetime of medical help, and you need to make sure that the right person pays for all of that care.

No matter if it’s minor or serious, contact a lawyer who you can trust. You can only find a lawyer like that at Gruber Law Offices in Milwaukee WI.


Common Personal Injury Case Types We Handle 


  • Car Crash
  • Truck Wreck
  • Uninsured Motorist
  • DUI / DWI Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Wrongful Death
  • Nursing Home Abuse
  • Drug Recalls



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