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Check Out Our Wisconsin Winter Emergency Survival Kit

During the wintertime in Wisconsin, the chances of being in a car accident may be higher due to lack of visibility and icy and slippery conditions. Breakdowns and stalling may also be more common due to poor winter weather.

In the event that any on-the-road emergencies occur, having a winter emergency survival kit packed with your vehicle can be a huge help. This is especially true when you are stranded out in the cold. In some cases, a kit may even be the difference between life and death.

When putting together your kit for a car accident emergency in the wintertime, consider these three different levels of emergency kits. You should choose the one that is most appropriate based on your needs.


The Basics

A bootstrap winter emergency survival kit is exactly what it sounds like – a basic emergency kit that can help you out in a tough situation but does not contain any of the more advanced equipment.

A bootstrap emergency kit should contain the following:



Basic first aid kit
A basic first aid kit should contain a few bandages, antiseptic towels a first aid manual and gauze.


Automotive tools
If your car breaks down, or if you are in a crash, having a few basic tools can help you to get back on the road again. Your basic kit should include jumper cables, a tire jack, spare tire and screw driver.


ExtrasOther things to add to this basic kit include a flashlight that can be used in the event that your emergency occurs during the night, extra flashlight batteries, a bottle of water and a non-perishable snack item. Having a cell phone on you to call for help is also recommended.


The bootstrap - style basic kit is best for those who are traveling short distances and rarely go far from home. For travelers who commute long hours or plan to be traveling a long distance, a more advanced kit is recommended.

More Advanced Equipment

You should highly consider putting together a more advanced emergency survival kit if you:

Travel by car frequently and for long distances
Take routes that are quieter and see little traffic
Plan on traveling a longer distance than normal.

In addition to all of the things listed above, this kit should include:

More comprehensive first aid materialsThe items in the first aid kit listed above are very basic. The American Red Cross recommendations for a first aid kit include:

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    • -Plenty of bandages
    • -Compress dressings
    • -Tweezers
    • -Over-the-counter painkillers
    • -Blanket
    • -Latex gloves
    • -Thermometer
    • -Cold compress
    • -Scissors
    • -Antiseptic wipes
    • -Breathing barrier.


Automotive equipmentHaving a tire jack, screwdriver and jumper cables are a great start to any car emergency kit. But if an issue is more serious, these items alone may not be enough. You should also consider adding a wrench, ice scraper, bungee cord, shop cloth, air compressor, multi-tool and tire gauge.

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ExtrasIn addition to packing your flashlight and food, you should also add a reflective vest, extra cell phone and charger, a poncho and food and water for all persons in your vehicle for at least 24 hours. Additionally, extra winter clothing should be packed such as warm boots, a hat, gloves and a waterproof and windproof coat that offers warmth.



Survive Indefinitely

Sometimes, even the kit above is not enough. You should consider building a survival kit to keep in your car if you:

- Will be traveling more than 100 miles from your home

- Know you will be traveling in tough weather conditions

- Will be traveling in a remote area

- Have any other specific reasons (such as a health condition which could be life-threatening in an emergency situation).

If you have any health conditions that require care, you should be sure that you have this information on you in writing so that you can give it to the paramedics in the event of a car accident.


-You should also have extra prescription medications in your car emergency kit as well as any other medical equipment that you may need such as an inhaler.


-A more intensive survival kit should also include a radio as well as flares that can be used to signal for help.


-If you will be traveling in a remote area, a knife can also be a very helpful tool as it can be used as a tool to repair a car, cut things (such as fabric to tie a wound) and more.


-You should also be sure to include enough food and water to last for 72 hours per person, as suggests.


Remember, this kit is only for the most extreme of travelers: If you will be traveling in highly populated areas, it is doubtful that a survivalist kit is necessary.


What to Do When a Car Emergency Strikes

When a car emergency occurs, you will be more prepared if you have a winter emergency kit on hand. Use your kit to call for emergency help or call the police, treat basic wounds or get your car up and running again.

Above all, remember to stay calm, stay in a safe location and think as clearly as possible. If you are injured, prioritize medical care.

Please keep in mind that you should have an emergency winter kit for your motorcycle as well. Staying safe on your motorcycle during the winter is so important.

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