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Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer

When someone's negligence causes you to sustain an injury, you have a legal right to hold them accountable. Our personal injury lawyers in Wisconsin are ready to help defend your legal rights.

At Gruber Law Offices, our team of award-winning personal injury lawyers utilizes in-house investigators and other resources to take on the insurance company early in the claims process. If you've been injured due to another party’s negligence, give us one call today so we can meet you for a free consultation

What Kinds of Cases does a Wisconsin Personal Injury Lawyer Handle?

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Wisconsin handles several different types of cases. Our Wisconsin law firm is comprised of:

  • Car accident lawyers
  • Truck accident lawyers
  • Wrongful death lawyers
  • Dog bite lawyers
  • Wrongful death lawyers

Regardless of your situation, we are here for you. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means we don't charge you anything until we win your case. We'll take a small percentage of your settlement after we win your case to cover our costs. 

If you've been injured and are unsure if you have a case, we can help you. Remember: there's no fee until we win!  Call us today.

How do You Prove Negligence in a Personal Injury Case?

In any personal injury lawsuit, establishing negligence on the part of the at-fault party is important for recovering damages. Our experienced personal injury lawyers understand the detailed evidence and strategies required to demonstrably prove this important legal concept. Some key aspects of demonstrating negligence include:

Duty of Care

The defendant owed a legal responsibility under the circumstances to act with reasonable care according to the standard of an ordinary person. For example, commercial drivers and vehicle operators in Wisconsin have a duty to follow all traffic laws and operate equipment carefully on public roads to ensure safety.

Breach of Duty

Through our investigative process and legal discovery methods, we work to uncover how the defendant failed to meet the required standard of care in that particular situation. 

Potential breaches in a car accident may involve the motorist texting on a cell phone, speeding, drinking and driving, or other negligent behaviors.


By working with accident reconstructionists and medical experts, we present solid evidence in court to prove that the other party's negligence was the direct cause of your injuries.


Our personal injury lawyers in Wisconsin gather and present thorough documentation, such as medical records, healthcare bills, pay stubs, and life care plans, to demonstrate the significant financial losses, physical injuries, and emotional distress caused by the negligent behavior. 

This substantiates demands for fair monetary damages.

Why Choose Gruber Law Offices

Our law firm stands out in our values and the results we get for our clients. We take a different approach: putting people first. Here's how we're different from other personal injury law firms in Wisconsin:

We're Proud to Serve You

When you work with us for your personal injury case, you'll notice a big difference in how we treat you from other law firms. We truly care about our community and clients. So when we take on your case, we prioritize communication so you're always aware of your case.

Wisconsin is our home, and we're here to take care of it. When we're not helping fellow residents with legal matters, we invest within our community. We've teamed up with local sports teams, such as the Milwaukee Bucks, to create the "Gruber Gives Back" campaign

Our campaign recognizes everyday heroes in our community and treats them to exclusive VIP experiences to honor them. We're proud to serve our community in any way we can.

Experience With Insurance Companies

With our experience with insurance companies, you never have to worry about being forced into accepting the first lowball offer. Our team of personal injury attorneys will be there for you and help you recover the compensation you deserve.

You don't have to take on the insurance company alone after your accident. Our personal injury attorneys in Wisconsin will take care of negotiations while you heal from your injuries.

What Damages Can You Recover Working With a Personal Injury Attorney in Wisconsin?

If you have suffered injuries, Wisconsin law allows you to pursue fair financial compensation from the responsible party to help cover expenses related to the incident. 

Our experienced personal injury attorneys can thoroughly evaluate the full scope of economic and non-economic damages potentially recoverable under statutes and case law precedent. Some of the most common types of damages we can recover include:

Medical Expenses — Past and Future

This category involves reimbursement for all reasonable costs already incurred for initial doctor visits and treatment, surgeries, follow-up therapies, prescription drugs, hospital stays, ambulance rides, and medical equipment. 

It also addresses forecasted expenses for any future medical care, procedures, rehabilitation needs, or other costs predicted over the course of a lifetime according to specialized life care plans provided by healthcare professionals.

Lost Earnings — Past and Future

Compensation in this area acknowledges wages, salary, benefits, or potential career earnings lost since the date of injury due to time away from work for recovery or job limitations. 

It may also include projections of reduced lifetime earning capacity if an accident results in permanent disabilities requiring a career change or inability to work. 

Pain and Suffering

While no dollar amount can truly make up for trauma endured, this non-economic category attempts to provide relief for the very real, often lifelong physical and psychological suffering.

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After a personal injury accident, give us One Call… That's All! At Gruber Law Offices, we can help you start building a strong case to fight for the compensation you need. 

Contact us today for a FREE consultation.