Gruber Law Offices: One Call...That's All! For Top Personal Injury Representation in Wisconsin

The team of professionals at Gruber Law Offices, LLC is passionate about what we do. We only handle accident and personal injury cases. We aggressively represent each and every one of our clients. Gruber Law Offices, LLC prides itself on having an excellent relationship with our clients, keeping them informed, and listening to their individual needs during every step of the process. We tell our clients what is happening with their cases, not necessarily just what they want to hear. We believe being honest and up-front helps to create the best working relationship.

Unfortunately, much of what we do is adversarial in nature. As a result, the team at Gruber Law Offices, LLC works very hard, out-preparing and out-working our opponents to maximize our clients’ chances for success. Our professional staff of attorneys, paralegals, investigators, property damage and medical records specialists aggressively attacks each day in our continuing effort to represent our clients. We understand what maximizes our clients’ chances for success and, we work together to reach that goal.

We have experienced, talented and caring personal injury attorneys and staff who are dedicated to helping our clients get what they deserve. At Gruber Law Offices, LLC we pride ourselves on being understanding and compassionate, fighting strongly for our clients’ rights. We mean what we say with “One Call…That’s All!” It’s that simple. You make the one call to our office, and let our professional staff handle your accident or personal injury case which allows you to concentrate on recovering from your injuries. “One Call…That’s All!”

Our One Call That’s All Philosophy


  • With ONE CALL, you have one of Wisconsin’s top personal injury law firms on your side, as recently awarded by readers of the Shepherd Express.
  • With ONE CALL, you have a successful, thorough, friendly, dedicated, and passionate team of attorneys, paralegals, investigators, property damage, and support staff that immediately begin to work diligently on your case.
  • With ONE CALL, you are able to focus on the most important things in your life and not have to deal with the stress of the accident and insurance companies. You will be able to focus on getting better, both physically and emotionally.
  • With ONE CALL, you have trusted, open, consistent, and effective communication between the Gruber Law Offices, LLC team and you.

With ONE CALL, you know you have made the right call.

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