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Take note that you will need a lawyer from the same state that your wreck occurred in. Therefore, if your truck accident happened in Wisconsin, you must choose a lawyer that is licensed to practice in that same state. We have good news – ALL of our lawyers cover areas across the state! Contact a Wisconsin  lawyer today.

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wisconsin truck accident lawyer-1There are many reasons why multiple truck wrecks occur each year in Wisconsin. The trucking industry racked over 600 billion dollars last year. Many drivers of trucks are paid by the mile. Often times, the more miles a trucker drives, the greater his or her compensation. How fast the job gets done can also make a difference.  This can lead to a dangerous driving environment with fatigued drivers handling large trucks for hours or even days at a time. Additionally, many 18 wheeler drivers are tempted to speed in order to get home or make more money by picking up additional miles on the road.

Because they are so large, heavy, and therefore powerful, an accident involving an 18 wheeler is typically much more damaging than a regular car accident. Many victims simply do not recover. Those that do need a lawyer to direct them past the complications that truck accidents come with.  So many factors can change the outcome of your case, and a lot of them are things that a normal person doesn’t consider.  The type of truck, the maintenance of it, and even it’s cargo can really make a difference in your case.  The cause can even sometimes be traced back to the manufacturer of certain parts.  A common person simply isn’t trained to understand the ins and outs of truck accidents like a lawyer is.  You need a lawyer that fully understands what they’re dealing with.  When it comes to a truck accident, an attorney from our firm can’t be beat!

Learn From A Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

Every lawyer from our Wisconsin law firm would agree: we believe in not only helping our clients, but also educating them.  Your lawyer knows how to investigate an 18 wheeler accident, and will start by looking into the common causes.  Our lawyers in Wisconsin have gathered some facts about truck accidents below, and would like for you to keep these in mind.  See the content below to learn about a Wisconsin truck accident.


Wisconsin Truck Crash Statistics:

  • 10%
    Past reports indicate that about 10 percent of all wrecks on the road involve an 18 wheeler vehicle.
  • 15 – 20,000
    In the past, 15 to 20 thousand people have been injured in large truck crashes each year.
  • 500
    Around 500 people are expected to die due to truck crashes this year.
  • 87%
    About 87% of big rig wrecks are due to error of the trucker!

Common Causes of a Truck Accident 


  • Blind spots, also known as No Zones
  • Inability to stop quickly due to speed
  • Inattentive or distracted drivers
  • Not enough distance between vehicles
  • Truck is not properly maintained
  • Conditions/maintenance of the road

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